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Cremone bolts

Cremone bolts
Cremone bolts for windows and doors 1890-1940

Very wide range of cremone bolts for windows and doors, used on double doors or swinging casement windows, equipped with ebony.

What is a cremone bolt?
A cremone bolt is a type of hardware used as a locking device to fasten a pair of swinging windows or double doors. A knob or lever handle is connected to rods; one rod extends up, and the other extends down to lock the doors or windows.
We have a wide range of cremone bolts for windows and doors.
Lever and knob cremone bolts, larger size for double doors and smaller size for windows.
For lever cremone bolts, the lever of the cremone bolt is down when the doors are locked.
For knob cremone bolts, the rods move by turning a knob handle. The knob orientation on knob cremone bolts for doors is vertical when closed, but for windows this orientation is horizontal.
Window cremone bolts are supplied with one 130 cm rod, with a mounting hole on both sides.
An extra rod can be ordered for high windows. Windows that open to the outside are usually equipped with a window stay and a knob or pull handle to allow the swinging windows to be easily closed. A knob or a pull handle on the window next to the cremone bolt? We advise you to choose the knob, as most pull handles are too high and will conflict with the cremone bolt.
Door cremone bolts are supplied with 2 rods (110 cm and 140 cm). A pull handle is always mounted on the other door. This makes closing easy.

Range of cremone bolts
Available in the following variants: nickel (shiny, as originally applied), antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass, satin nickel (brushed nickel) and cast iron.
The sets include a centre plate, rod(s), guides, end guides and screws.
Guides and rods are also sold separately.

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