Deurbeslag jaren30 in nikkel, matnikkel, ongelakt messing, messing verouderd en gietijzer, met ebbenhout of bakeliet.
Onze deurklinken, handgrepen, toiletsloten, espagnoletten, raamuitzetters zijn direct uit voorraad leverbaar.
Door handle

Door handles

Our range of door handles are reproductions from the period 1890 to the 30s.
Tonmodel door handles we have in the variants: old brass (antique brass) nickel plated brass (as originally applied glossy), polished brass and matt nickel plated brass (brushed nickel).
The door handles are combined with ebony or bakelite. Here you will see little difference. Bakelite is what shinier and ebony has a small wood grain.
The massive door handles are made entirely of brass. They are also suitable for placement outside of your home.
The cast iron door handles are decorated with a hard black wax. For outdoor use, they should be provided with a petroleum jelly spray.
The single door handle can be used for one-sided use, for example, the inside of the door. For placement of a single door handle is a special pin ( keilboutstift) necessary.
The door handles are largely in stock and ready to ship.

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