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Kitchen handles

Kitchen handles
Do you like kitchens that look like they belong in a 1930s house? Then there are plenty of possibilities at Retro-deurbeslag. You can completely change the appearance of your kitchen by  replacing your existing knobs or handles with new ones from our range. It’s a simple and cheap solution for a new look.

Our range of kitchen handles
Available in the following variants: nickel (shiny, as originally applied), antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass, satin nickel (brushed nickel) and cast iron, combined with various wood types.
Further, we have ebony and bakelite knobs combined with nickel, nickel brass, polished brass or satin nickel.
The kitchen cabinet handles are available for kitchens with pre-drilled holes of 96 and 128 mm, in the variants nickel, antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass and satin nickel (brushed nickel). All are available combined with ebony.
If you have a country style in mind, you can decorate your kitchen cabinets with our wooden knobs. If you want a more robust design, you can take a look at our handles. A handle with rosette gives your kitchen a great look.

All our products are in stock and available immediately at attractive prices.
All the door hardware comes with matching screws.

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