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Sliding door

Sliding door hardware
We have sliding door hardware from the period 1890-1940 in many shapes and sizes, from the more ornamental style of the period 1890-1915 to the smoother, more modern style that was applied in the 1930s.

Our range of sliding door hardware
We have a very large collection of sliding door handles, both recessed and extended. The extended door handles provide more grip, which is handy if the doors are heavy. The advantage of the recessed handles is that the sliding doors will slide completely open, as the handle is not the limit.
We can provide the hardware for every type of sliding door, with or without glass, stained glass and panel doors.
To lock the sliding doors, we have the sliding door latch in our assortment.
We also have flush pull rings, to easily pull out the sliding doors when they are fully opened.
Knobs and key rosettes are available for the sliding door cabinets.

Range of sliding door hardware
Available in the following variants: nickel (shiny, as originally applied), antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass, and satin nickel (brushed nickel), possibly combined with ebony or bakelite, and cast iron handles which can be combined with teak.

All our products come with matching screws.

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